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Endless dispute on Youtube

Hello guys. How is it going so far?

Today I would like to talk about on going dispute on our video. Do you remember the video we made before? We sang Dokdo song in 15 languages and made quite big hit. Many people cheer up us on our Youtube however most japanese thumb down and they are claiming that Dokdo is theirs. Here are some of their opinions.


Although we unloaded this video in 2008 , the dispute are still lasting. Futhermore, WJF (Wondrous Japan Forever) which is extream right wing organization talked about our Youtube in this video.

In this video they blamed us like

" That is, paying money to the people from other countries, making them sing the Korean propaganda song, 'Dokdo is Korea land' in many languages and spreading videoclips in Youtube. "


More and more videos which is saying Dokdo is Japanese land are being made by WJF. They are also managing about another issue.

You can check it out more videoclips about what they are saying.

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